Leaving town for while?

Storing a car for the season?

Extended Travel?

Put a vehicle on Vacation Hold!

  • Allowed once per year;
  • A minimum of 30 days;
  • No maximum about of time;
  • No charge

To enact your vacation hold:

  1. Log into your record at www.JaxKarWash.com/club;
  2. Under "Vehicle Information", click the VACATION HOLD button;

  3. Set the date to have the hold begin (you can choose today or a future date);
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions;
  5. From the "vehicle information" screen, confirm the vacation hold;

  6. Check your email for the confirmation.

  • You will not be billed again until you lift the vacation hold.
  • Any unused days will be "kept in the bank" for your return.

For example, let's assume as of March 1 you have 20 days left until your next billing.  If you start the vacation hold today, 20 days will be put "in the bank." You return from vacation on June 5 and lift the vacation hold. Those 20 days are added back, and your new billing date is June 20.


Simply log back in, and under the Vehicle section, click the "LIFT VACATION HOLD" button.