If you are replacing a vehicle, it is best to CHANGE the vehicle that is in your record.  That way, you won't lose any time; any remaining time will transfer to the new vehicle.

To do so

1) Login here;

2) Under your vehicle listing, find the vehicle you wish to change;

3) Under the "Vehicle Info" section, Click the UPDATE MAKE OR PLATE button

4) Type in your new license plate (if changed), and the new Make of Vehicle (if changed).

5) Verify your changes are correct, and press SUBMIT.

6) On the Dashboard, be sure your changes are correct.  

7) That's it, you're done!  We no longer use FastPasses; your vehicle will be tracked by License Plate and Vehicle Recognition software!  Just pull up to the Auto-Attendant, and your plate will be read.  If there is an issue, just press the HELP button and an attendant will assist.

Thank you, and congratulations on your new car!